Davide Scandella
Mechanical Engineer

Engineer with passion for data, programming, and photography.

About me

My professional experience in a nutshell

Gas Turbine
P&T Development Engineer
01/2019 - Present

  • Agile development of compressor design suite
  • Development of machine learning models for image classification
  • Design process harmonization with python
  • Supervision of external programmers

R&D Design Methods Engineer
11/2017 - 12/2018

  • Full-stack development of website for manufacturing monitoring
  • Manufacturing Data-Quality Control
  • Participation in RCA assessment for engine diagnostics

CMM Measurement Engineering Lab
R&D Testing & Validation Intern
09/2015 - 03/2016

Master's Thesis Project

  • Introduction of Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) for film-cooling effectiveness measurements
  • Use of PIV and Infrared techniques for wind tunnel measurements


A quick overview of the projects I worked on..

Analysis of car consumption data scraped from the web

This project is a Conceptual Design Report (CDR) carried out in the context of Data Analysis and Quality at the University of Bern. Data scraped from the web is treated and analysed in order to get insight of car consumption.

Classification of compressor blades vibrational modes with CNN

This project deals with the development of a Convolutional Neural Network for image classification. The project was carried out in the context of Machine Learning lectures at University of Bern.

Monitoring of a domestic photovoltaic system with a RaspberryPi

In this project I developed a web interface to monitor the energy production of a domestic photovoltaic system. Production data is saved on SQLite database. Flask, Html, CSS are the main packages for the project.


Here a few pictures i took with camera and drone..

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

If you want to connect or get more information, text me!